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Parenting Survival

May 31, 2019
By Dr. P. Ogborne

Survival is a desire in all of us.

The TV series that is going into its 40th season of pitting individuals against each other is a phenomenon that excites the viewers to peer into people’s lives and watch them trying not to be voted off the island. I am intrigued by it. What does it take to win?

As a parent you might sometimes feel you are trying to survive not just in the world but in your home. What a tragedy it is to think that raising children is something to “survive” and endure. The intentionality of the child rearing days are the backbone of the family unit. These young lives are a gift and as such are not to just be tolerated for a season but rather we should see it as joining God in the redemptive work of salvation. We are partners in this glorious activity and as such our attitude should reflect it.

Then life hits.

The whole realm of child behaviour and time-consuming effort starts to exhaust us and the joy of this labor is somewhat tainted.

Maybe it’s time we regroup, rethink, refuel and refocus our energies into being the Godly parents the Bible calls us to be. Summer is soon upon us and it will offer a bit more time to relax and possibly allow some books to move from the shelf to our lap where we can have some fresh insight into our roles as parents.

One such book I would highly recommend is Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp. Targeted to teenagers but practical advice for all ages. One of my favourite authors in the area of parenting, this book is a wealth of practical, biblical advice on helping parents to be encouraged and equipped to do their job joyfully. Sound impossible? Pick up a copy and give it your summer time to bring back the purpose and passion of your parenting. You will be changed and your children will thank you.

If you are more into digital/video series, through our partnership with RightNow Media you can also access a couple of other resources.

Another resource from Paul Tripp in book/video series called Parenting -

Reaching Out

May 03, 2019
By Dr. P. Ogborne

This year’s school theme has been “Reaching out into Christ’s Kingdom”.  All year, our focus has not only been on helping the students to be aware of our responsibility to help out the family of God, but also to be in the community with opportunities to share our faith through our actions. 1 John 3:18 reminds us to love each other “in deed and in truth”.  A wonderful opportunity to show love in action has been presented to us by The Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

The hospital has been running a program called “CALIPER”.  Its purpose is to build a medical database of standards from healthy children. The more children that participate, the larger the data population, and therefore, more information can be provided to assist doctors in accurate diagnoses. Sick Kids has been partnering with numerous schools over the last couple of years to help gather this data.  Here at PCS, we have had many families and friends benefit from the work of Sick Kids and their doctors over the years. We would love to offer the opportunity for our school family to be a part of this great program.

Attached, you will find a copy of the general flyer with some basic information about the program.  On Tuesday, May 14th, as part of the Night of the Museum activity at PCS, the team from Sick Kids Caliper Project will be here to talk and give further details to our school. You can visit them in the MP Room (the classroom to the left of the front foyer when you enter the school) any time during the night.

We will follow up with a school assembly on Friday, May 17th, to inform the students. After the assembly, participation forms will be coming home, which parents can fill out if they wish their children to participate.  The clinic itself will be held on Thursday, May 30th, here at the school throughout the day.

Please read the flyer and come prepared on Tuesday, May 14th, to ask your questions.

Caliper Flyer

Learning Adventures

April 11, 2019
By Dr. P. Ogborne

After extensive training in the goals of Profound Learning over the last year and a half, PCS teachers have been on a methodical journey to implement the Profound Learning program into the DNA of the school.

As parents, you may be aware of these changes as you see learning maps coming home with “I can“ statements. These are documents that reflect the curriculum objectives but they are worded in such a manner as to make the learning process more deliberate for each individual student and in a language that makes it easier to understand. Or, perhaps, your child has been telling you about our 7 habits of a Master Learner. ie: quality producer, person of character, collaborative worker?

In addition to these examples, during the next few months you will be hearing about Learning Adventures. This activity draws various components from different subjects and places them into a unit of study that is designed to ignite the children’s interest and passion. They are guided by a “driving question”. The Adventures culminate in a major activity, display or project.  These culminating activities will be on display during our Night at the Museum evening on May 14th.

If you would like to understand and dive into more details about the Profound Learning model you can visit the Imaginal Education website as well as the Masters Academy website in Calgary, where Profound Learning got its start.

You can also go to this link and see the launch of our own grade 3 Learning Adventure along with some pictures of various Profound Learning elements popping up around the school.  At PCS we are committed to growing an educational experience that will excite and engage the students and we believe that Profound Learning is the next step of that amazing journey.

Legacy Blog

March 07, 2019
By Dr. P. Ogborne

I was recently part of a 70th birthday celebration. No, not my own! It was a friend who had hit this milestone. It was the comments about his spiritual legacy that hit home. He had such a great influence on his family, and that part of the night is what stayed with me.

I had another opportunity to be a part of a legacy moment. Several former students, who were on their university reading week, dropped into the school. They wanted to once again walk the halls of the school and to interact with the teachers. The memories started to flood back, and we laughed and reminisced about their time at PCS. I called them into my office to show them a picture and while there, one of them spotted their Grade 8 yearbook on my shelf. Instead of leaving me to do my principal duties, they opened it up and sat down to flip through it. For the next half hour, while I tried to work on my computer, they laughed and remembered each person recorded in their grade and beyond. I appeared to be working, but was actually listening to what they remembered about PCS. What a joy to hear their words about a caring, spiritual environment that had touched their lives.

It is almost report card time. It is a core value of PCS  to be an academically sound and proactive educational institute. With our Profound Learning initiative and current curriculum assessment in mathematics and other subjects, we want to be providing our students the best in education. However, these activities, as vital as they are, will not create the legacy moments that will last a lifetime. The culture of PCS has been developed so as to afford students the opportunity to interact, grow, and experience the love of God in a unique school family experience. This is not the first time I have been involved in this type of experience with former students. It always amazes me how many alumni will bring up their memories of PCS in conversations with their friends.

I truly pray that, as PCS continues to grow, these legacy moments will be a testament of the blessings that the environment, teachers, and administration have bestowed upon the hundreds of lives that have been able to call PCS their home.

I heard a song by Casting Crowns that hits this point square on.

I only have one life to lead I’ll let every second point to him,only Jesus

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