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By Dr. Paul Ogborne

The Product and Delivery System

As we move forward in Profound Learning we need to understand the process. In every activity there is the message and then how it is communicated. In everyday business life, it is the product and how it is delivered to the consumer. In education we have the curriculum and how it is taught.

At PCS the product has not changed. We still have the Ministry of Ontario curriculum documents. In the past they were documents to be accessed as needed when teachers were developing units of study. Under Profound Learning, these guidelines will be stored on a database that teachers can access but also develop student friendly translations that will assist the students to understand what they need to learn, the level of their knowledge in that area and help them determine where gaps in that understanding may exist.

The biggest change in Profound Learning is in the delivery system. This is seen in two areas, first, in the teacher methodologies and second, the classroom environment. The teachers will develop methods of direct instruction that will be more engaging and applicable to the majority of students. This will occur as the brained based elements of relevance, meaning, emotion, novelty, choice, and movement are all part of the daily learning experiences for the students. This will result in students understanding their own role and ownership in being a part of their educational journey. A higher level of student engagement means a higher level of knowledge retention and mastery. It’s about setting rigid quality and allowing the time for this to happen.

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