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Developing a TechSmart Home

It seems I just can’t drift away from this topic. Once again I find myself engrossed  by the influence of technology in our youth. My last Blog was to highlight the need for parents to sit up and take notice of the dangerous conditions that exist in our culture. The potential for our children to slip into a digital swamp of useless and potentially dangerous ground is real.  As parents who want to follow the biblical mandate to raise our children in the way they should go, we must be vigilant at all times.

Parenting is an upstream battle. You must paddle constantly. If you slow down or stop paddling you will go backwards, and your children will be left without the necessary mature oversight. Their whims and desires will be deferred to the current amoral culture.  Effective use of our time is the biggest weapon to combat these influences. We must actively be a part of our children’s daily lives, guiding and directing them on how to handle their use of technology. This may seem difficult to do. It would be so much easier to depend on giving them screen time to keep them busy so we can get some alone time at the end of our day.

Last week, numerous PCS parents attended the digital seminar hosted by C4 Church, presented by Paul Robertson from Youth Unlimited (Toronto).  

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