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Helping children be financially aware

Chores or no chores?

Allowance or no allowance?

I have heard these two subjects debated many times. I listened to a CD series on this from the Love and Logic Institute, and wholeheartedly agree with their position on how to piece these two together. I will follow with a brief summary of “my” position, and if you would like to borrow my CDs for the full version, you can request them through the office.

All children in a family should be required to participate in activities that are mutually beneficial to all. These are nicely termed Family Responsibilities by me (FRs), as opposed to the more notable “chores” label. Early on in the life of the family, these FRs should be gathered and displayed for all to see and to choose. Of course, they are categorized by difficulty and effort. Some FRs are more suitable for older children. Parents should allow each member of the family to draw several tasks they would like to do, as part of being in the household. Parents should have a list of their own.  Once the draw is complete and vetted by parents for appropriateness, that list gets posted. The tasks are mentored so that the child knows how to properly complete each activity.

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