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Busy @ What?

 I have heard it many times over the years.  Sometimes in my own house, when our children were younger. Other times in friends or families’ homes. I can even remember times where I’m sure I asked the same question to my mom during those   long hazy hot days of summer vacation. “What are we going to do today?”  

A simple enough question to be sure, but probably one that, after the first couple of weeks of summer vacation, starts to grate on your nerves a little. I mean, did you really agree to be the summer fun coordinator for every day? Does everyday have to be something more, or bigger, or better than the last day’s activities? When do you get a break? The unfortunate part is that, over time, if we are the ones always making the decision about what we are going to do each day, then very easily we become the social director, excursion planner or concierge for our children’s summer. 

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