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Over the course of last year and this year, the school has been collecting coloured cards on which students, staff and families have been writing down reasons why they are thankful to God.

What a beautiful journey which will soon culminate in our 10,000 reason party (Nov. 25). This journey was sparked by the wonderful song 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman. As well, I was motivated by a research article that startled me. I read a statistic that commented, “One of the most significant threads that began to emerge from this research endeavor was the lack of a heart of gratitude among students, parents, and faculty.” This was a Christian school analysis! The full article is called “Spiritual Formation in an Age of Entitlement” by Dr. Egeler, current President of ACSI. I would highly recommend you read this article because it hits at the core of the indulgent attitudes that permeate everything we attempt. Again I quote, “This indulgence promotes a lack of frustration tolerance and produces an inability in children to persevere in the face of difficulties.” The only way to confront this problem is by forming a heart of gratitude.

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