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By Dr. Paul Ogborne

That’s what I would call the labels that are being assigned to parents. It started with “Tiger Moms”, moved into a more general “Helicopter Parents”, and then morphed into a very specific “Snowplow parents with Snowflake children”. This summer I read about the next level label described as “Lawnmower parents” .

Why all these labels? Parents have changed the phrase “helping my child” into “ doing it for my child” as they wrongly assumed that by doing so much for their child that this was the best for them. It was supposed to show their child ( and all their peers) how much they cared about their child’s safety and well being. Each new label has taken a potshot at what parents are doing and how it is actually creating an undesirable set of values and attitudes in the next generation. The fact that it has reached the media and even been written about in numerous books and articles indicates that it has grown into a cultural aberration of past values and expectations of our youth. It’s not that some of these undesirable behaviours have never been present in past generations.It’s the magnitude of the mindset that is troubling our current social community. If you want a humorous break take a moment to watch this video on “millenials” 

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