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Profound Learning

Profound Learning

Profound Learning is an empowerment model of learning that elevates student learning to heights not achievable using the traditional ‘command and control’ industrial age model of education. Allowing students to take control of and responsibility for their own learning has proven to increase motivation and the effectiveness of learning. Along with high academic excellence, the Profound Learning model prepares students for their future with a focus on innovation and creativity.

Profound Learning is a system of education where the vast majority of students achieve academic excellence, not the few. Where student motivation with learning skyrockets as they engage in meaningful learning experiences. Where students, teachers and parents experience a level of joy not possible in the traditional command and control system. Where students are prepared with Future Ready skills essential for the world of tomorrow.

Profound Learning is a model for education that can be viewed as a ‘three-layered cake’ with student Ownership as the foundational layer, followed by Mastery and Innovation. The fourth layer, which focuses on the development of Future Ready skills, is the icing on the top as well as flowing between the other three layers.

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Learning Adventures @ PCS


Grade 3 - Brave New World


The spare classroom was converted into the deck of the Ship Mary Ann - a real life ship that sailed from London, England in the spring of 1819.  21 "passengers" embarked on an adventure that will eventually end near the village of Pickering in Upper Canada.  On board the ship, Musketman Ogborne welcomed the travellers and described some of the hardships they were about to endure on the trip.  Mistress Holt and Mistress Phillips helped the passengers get to know each other, and began the job of preparing them for their new life in Canada. The passengers were tasked with the question:  "What does it take to meet the challenges of being a settler in Early Canada?"  As they learn about this Brave New World, activities in F2, Language, Social Studies and Art will culminate with the travelling "experts" sharing their findings during Night @ the Museum. 

PCS Grade 3 - Brave New World

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