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Each year as a school we take the time to review the different ways in which we can continue to enhance the curriculum here at PCS.  Two of these initiatives are iPads and Online Learning. In the growing area of online curriculum we have found is that there are many different offerings out there but it is important to find the ones that really do it right. Two products that we have found are Study Island & Rosetta Stone.


PCS has added a class set of iPads to its computer program. Teachers have been updating the many available apps in order to improve their delivery of technology in the classroom. The iPads have been used by all grade levels for reading, web surfing, science apps and star walks. This amazing device enhances the computer lab experience by being portable and easy to use. With the release of the new OS for the iPads, students will soon be able to do much more in the way of producing reports for their various classes.The iPads are also used to access the online math program called Study Island. This Ontario curriculum based web program can be used at home or at school on the iPads.