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School Uniforms

PCS Dress Code:  

Uniform Options: Come in to PCS for sizing and to browse the selection of used uniforms on display.  All uniforms can be purchased online by visiting our PCS Uniform Store

PCS has adopted standardized school apparel for our students that helps develop an environment conducive to learning and respectful behaviour. There are three principles that guide our thinking here —  modesty, neatness and cleanliness.

The dress code affects the student in their outward appearance. This includes clothing, hairstyle, jewelry or physical adornment. At the principal’s discretion, any item may be banned that is deemed to be in conflict with the school’s stand on maintaining a positive Christian image.

School apparel must be clean and in good condition and must meet the styles and logo requirements. 

When parents send their child to Pickering Christian School, it is understood that they agree to uphold the School Apparel Policy.  It is expected that all students will come to school in the appropriate apparel each school day. Children must remain in their school apparel until they are off school property. The School Apparel Policy will be enforced by our teachers and staff. 

School Apparel:


The bottom portion of the uniform must be all black and colour-fast.  

  • Full school everyday apparel includes a PCS Grey or Green polo shirt, black casual pants or dress pants (no sweatpants, track pants or leggings), skorts, knee-length skirt, appropriate black shorts, black/white socks, a PCS black or grey full-zip hooded sweatshirt or everyday hoodie and non-marking running shoes.  The only way to guarantee that shoes are non-marking is to purchase court, indoor soccer or basketball shoes.
  • Full school apparel for all performances, special events and off-site field trips include a PCS white oxford dress shirt, black dress pants/skort/knee-length black skirt, black/white socks, dark shoes, and a PCS black or grey full-zip hooded sweatshirt.
  • Gym uniform includes a PCS red school t-shirt and black shorts or track pants and non-marking shoes.
  • All clothing must be in good repair, fit appropriately and modestly.

Top Style:

Includes all tops purchased through the online "PCS Uniform Store" 
Any visible apparel worn under shirts with collars must be white or black and have no printing on it of any kind.
Approved overtops may be worn providing the PCS logo is visible. (i.e. hooded sweatshirt).
At all times the approved PCS logo must be visible on the upper body. 

Bottom Style:

Styles need to be in keeping with the chosen school apparel.


  • Must be all black and colour-fast (no stripes, no topstitching)
  • Leggings or yoga pants are not appropriate on their own: can be worn under a skirt, dress or skort.


  • Must be all black and colour-fast (no stripes)
  • Any walking or loose fitting athletic style
  • Must meet with school standard of modesty, as interpreted by administration
  • Shorts worn under skirts must be black in keeping with approved style


  • Must be all black
  • Knee-length or below, if not worn with shorts underneath
  • Must meet school standards of modesty


  • Must be all black
  • Must meet school standards


  • Socks must be black or white (if visible)
  • Tights or leggings must be black


  • Any shoe may be worn on-site with the exception of flip flops or high heels
  • Any performances (on or off-site) or field trips require dark coloured shoes.  (Dark shoes may be running, skateboard or walking style)
  • Gym shoes must be non-marking (no black-soled shoes).  The only way to guarantee that shoes are non-marking is to purchase court, indoor soccer or basketball shoes.

Performance Apparel:

  • PCS white oxford dress shirt, black pants, skirt/skort, black shoes

Field Trips:

To participate in field trips, each child will be required to wear full school apparel which includes a PCS white oxford dress shirt, PCS black or grey full-zip hooded sweatshirt, black dress pants/skort/knee-length black skirt, black/white socks and dark shoes, unless otherwise instructed by their teacher. 


It is important that students participate in all gym activities.  These classes promote a healthy lifestyle and are also a means of teaching co-operation, team goals and sportsmanship. 

Each student, from Grades 4 to 8, must have a pair of black shorts or track pants, and a red school t-shirt which can be purchased online.  The wearing of these items is an integral part of the program and will be reflected in the student’s mark.  Proper footwear is extremely important and, therefore, a good pair of non-marking running shoes is necessary.  Grades 1 to 3 the red school t-shirt is optional.

Clothing Identification:

Each piece of removable clothing should be marked with the student’s name to ensure return of the garment when left on the playground or in the classroom.  Lunch boxes and boots should have permanent labels.  Properly marked items will be returned to their rightful owners.