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2023-2028 PCS Strategic Plan

 2023-2028 PCS Strategic Plan

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In five years, we envision being recognized as a unified, Christ-centered learning community dedicated to “educating the whole child” to his or her full potential— an approach that goes beyond academic achievement to embrace the whole development of each student: 

  • Nurturing, intellectual and academic growth 
  • Spiritual well-being 
  • Fostering emotional resilience 
  • Social skills
  • Physical health 

We aspire to cultivate a comprehensive educational experience that equips our students with the knowledge, values, and life skills necessary for success in all facets of their lives. A learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and a love for lifelong learning in every child guided by our mission-oriented leaders and staff for over 400 elementary students in the Durham Region. 

Covering the school years of 2023/2024 to 2027/2028, this document presents a comprehensive strategic plan for Pickering Christian School, complete with some of the key measures used to track progress. Each of the four themes outlined in this document encompasses key objectives designed to fulfill the opportunity and aspirations laid out. 

The strategy places emphasis on four critical areas: Student Success, Staff Success, Smart Growth, and Unity Through Community.

2023-2028 PCS Strategic Plan