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Amazed and Challenged

April 22, 2022
By Mr. Park

Amazed and Challenged

God is faithful.  That seems like a fairly obvious understatement as a Christian believer.  I can think of a few friends who would even say, “Thanks, Captain Obvious”, in sarcastic love of course. :) But it is a statement that I have found myself pondering quite a bit lately.  
Some of that is due to the fact that we are focusing on the Fruit of the Spirit of faithfulness through the month of April.  We are reminded daily that the concept of faithfulness comes first and foremost from the truth that God will never stop loving us or break His promises to us, which in turn helps me remain faithful to Him and others because of His example.  Faithfulness is being dependable, trustworthy and loyal in my relationship with God and with other people.  As we have unpacked this in morning devotions, prayers, assembly and the recently celebrated Easter weekend, I see what God did and continues to do for us, as believers, and I am amazed, and challenged.
Another part of me has been reflecting on the life of an amazing couple who supported the school for many years and at the end of March passed away within days of each other.  Arnold and Ruth Heron were faithful servants of God and beloved by family and friends.  Some of you may have heard the story about the grandparents who donated the land that the school now sits on.  Arnold and Ruth are those Grandparents.  As I attended Arnold’s funeral and listened to the stories of how he lived out his faith, supporting many Christian leaders, churches, schools and ministries around the world I was inspired by how he and Ruth lived out their faith.  Such an amazing testimony, and again I am amazed, and challenged.
Lastly I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on the current state of the school and the amazing interest and enrollments that are pouring in.   Part of me is amazed at what is happening and the excitement that we are feeling about the opportunities to grow and impact our community.  I thank God for such an amazing blessing.  Another part of me is overwhelmed, trying to figure out the plans moving forward, working on ideas for more space, the future and making smart decisions that will support the school, our families, staff and students.  I am amazed, and challenged once again.
Through it all I come back to the simple truth that God is faithful.  He has set “the” example for us and in my amazement I find the foundation to meet the challenges before me.  He was, is and always will be faithful towards us and because of that we can meet the challenges placed before us to live a faithful life.  It isn’t always easy.  It isn’t always clear.  But I know that I am not doing it on my own.  Our dependable, trustworthy, and loyal God is with us all the way.  It is through faith we know we can persevere and accomplish the things that God has in store for us, sometimes in spite of ourselves. I am so thankful that my God is faithful.  I also pray that I will continue to live in the reality of being amazed and challenged at the same time.  I pray the same for you.