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Traffic Circle Tips

September 13, 2019
By Dr. P. Ogborne

The comedian’s comment goes something like this: “”Why do we park on driveways, but drive on parkways?”

Traffic. It’s almost as popular subject as the weather or politics. Here at PCS the first month’s most common discussion is probably about the traffic congestion in our pick up circle. As new parents and past parents adjust to their pick up schedules, inevitably, there are crunch times when our available space is pushed beyond its limits.

So as we settle into our old/new routines, here are several things that can be considered to help ease the pain.

  • As a school we are putting more staff outside, in the circle, to make you feel more comfortable at moving past other cars or even jumping ahead as people slow down.
  • We all need patience. It is great that more people are carpooling. Less cars. However, please understand that since the staff can not buckle up the children, that one driver must make sure their passengers are all safely in the vehicle. This sometimes requires getting out of the car and thus the line slows down. As we identify these larger carpools we are going to try to make a special pullover spot out of the normal flow so as to reduce the congestion.
  • By 3:30pm there are very few cars in the line. Maybe you could adjust your time? Have a coffee at Tims and then come to pick them up? A little “me time” is good!
  • Please pull up as close as you feel comfortable to the car ahead. This will open up more spots.
  • Above all be patient with each other. There are over 20 new families who are trying to adapt to a new system.
  •  If you are sitting in line, why not pray for the school, your children and their teachers and even for your own family. (Eph. 1:16, 6:18). A great way to redeem the time.

Thank you for all the suggestions that have come in to help address the issue and we will keep at it until this clears up.  Traditionally it takes a week or two to work through the new process so we are confident things will work themselves out.

One cautionary safety note in closing. There have been some of our families blocking the traffic light intersection trying to make a left. This is illegal. If a disgruntled plaza patron reports this it may result in police presence and ticketing.