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7 Tips To Start The School Year Well

August 08, 2016
By Mr. N. Ogborne

7 Tips To Start The School Year Well

A successful school year starts in August.  Below is a list of a few things that will help your child start the year off on the right foot.

1. Prayer: While the rest of these aren’t in order, this one should be the first on the list.  There is nothing more important than demonstrating our dependence and trust in God to help your child with whatever they will face in the year to come.  As the school year begins, consider creating a new morning routine.  Before you leave the house in the morning hold hands and take turns praying either around the table at breakfast, before you head out the door, or even in the car.

2. Goals: Set some goals for your child to obtain throughout the year and have them create some for themselves as well.  Be sure to make them obtainable to encourage and not discourage hard work.

3. Routines: Regular routines can get disrupted during the summer for a variety of reasons.  Take a week or so before the first day of school to adjust your child’s sleeping and eating patterns to match the school day.  The night before school starts, practice getting ready and have their school bags and lunch ready to go.

4. Medical: Medication and medical forms can expire.  Fill out medical forms and order medication early so that it is ready for the first day of school.  If your child has a severe allergy and requires an EPI pen, please contact the office.  There is paperwork which you need to complete before school begins or at least on the first day.  An EPI pen is also required to be onsite for safekeeping in the school office or worn by the student.  For safety reasons,  the EPI pens can not be left in backpacks. 

5. Clothes:  If your child is anything like mine then they have grown over the summer.  Check out the dress code, make sure to order any uniform items (McCarthy’s is currently selling all in stock green polo shirts at 50% off), and also be looking for sales on other items they may need like shoes, winter gear. (Costco is already selling them).  Also, don’t forget to be sure that all your children’s clothing items should be labeled. 

6. Supplies: Back to school sales start early.  Check out your classes supply list and get the best prices for what your child needs this year.

7. Food: Save yourself some time, plan out and pre-make some lunch items like sandwiches (you can freeze them).  As you prepare for the first week, have your children help plan by taking them shopping and picking out healthy snacks.  Also to remember to pack your kids a nut free lunch.

These steps are some of the ways that you and your family can prepare for the upcoming school year and make it a success.  Perhaps you might have a few other ideas?  Feel free to connect with us and the rest of the PCS community through our Facebook page and share some of your ideas using the #StartSchoolWell hashtag.

-Mr. N. Ogborne