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Game Day

May 10, 2018
By Dr. P. Ogborne

When the New England Patriots (or your favourite team ) run onto the football field they have a purpose in mind.

They are prepared.

They have a game plan on how to win.

Almost every activity we are part of needs proper preparation and execution of a plan. Without a plan you cannot win. Benjamin Franklin spoke about it this way; “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”


Parenting needs much more preparation time than any sport or activity. The fact that you are dealing with an immortal soul should drive parents to prepare for this role above and beyond anything else that they hold precious. Parenting is preparing a baby to grow up in the admonition and love for the Lord so they can become responsible adults in the community and viable citizens of heaven.


Plans should not be formulated on the fly. If you have children you should have a plan in place for as many options as a child has in their repertoire of complaining, whining, lying, sibling rivalry and any other conflict that their young lives may throw at you. Your playbook should be written down, in agreement with your spouse, and prayerfully carried through. Parenting is not “in the moment” since it needs to be less emotional and extremely intentional. Planning takes the emotion out of the equation and allows you to be in control no matter how out of control the situation might seem.


You are out shopping and your child is making a scene… what’s your plan?

You are eating dinner and your child is fooling around… what’s your plan?

You are in church and your child is running around and will not stop… what’s your plan?

Your child bites another child… what’s your plan?

Your child won’t clean up after themselves… what’s your plan?

Your child refuses to listen… what’s your plan?

I think you get it. Every day you need to be adding to your playbook because the seasons of life are also changing. It has been said ”if the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.” Be glad when your child challenges you. This is a moment you can exercise your game plan to win their hearts and form their future.

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