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Effective Parenting - February

February 08, 2018
By Dr. P. Ogborne

I want to write a book. The title will be "Children need more Scars" Copies will go on sale after I retire and have enough time to put it together. In the meantime I want to propose to all our parents that children need more real life experience that tests them and puts trials in their face. The generation that is being nicknamed "snowflakes" is a result of pampering and protection that is unheard of in my lifetime. The removal of tribulations and adversity is not good parenting or biblical. Rather it is the opposite. When you read passages such as James 1:2 or 1 Peter 1:6-7 you quickly realize that God has placed trials in our paths as teaching tools to develop our faith. As good parents, we need our children to face as many challenges as possible that are not dangerous or immoral, but are opportunities to face and overcome with biblical and parental assistance. To wish that they never face an emotional or physical scar is to remove the experience  they need to battle through life's many storms and have the fortitude to show God's grace through it all.

Dr. Mosbacker, a prominent blogger in the Christian school community has written an excellent article on this issue as well. Pick up his comments by clicking here.

So when trials come, join with the Apostle James  and "count it all joy" as God will show up and comfort and guide your children through it.