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Our Visit to Calgary

October 26, 2017
By Dr. P. Ogborne

Two times, Calgary came to PCS.  

Now it was our turn to board the airplane and visit the home of Profound Learning (P.L.). On October 5th and 6th, sixteen staff and teachers made the journey to immerse themselves in the heart of P.L. classrooms. The professional development trip allowed the teachers to see the real life workings of what they had been learning in the previous on-site training at PCS. Questions were answered and more questions surfaced as the time passed. We were challenged to search out how we could do P.L. better.

Take aways? 

1.       P.L. transforms the educational process through deliberate curriculum integration

2.       It’s hard work for teacher and student

3.       Slow and steady will win this race as we implement key concepts over the next few years

4.       Students become owners of their education and develop future ready skills

5.       Teachers are transformational agents in the business of learning

6.       Students can be excited about education at every grade level

7.       How to rethink assessments to close student information gaps

8.       The importance of teachers collaborating over curriculum with colleagues

9.       The need to establish a culture of learning at PCS

10.   Great things are instore as we faithfully move into 21stC  learning

A list of ten items is only a fraction of what could be written. It was a blessing to see a fellow Christian school eager to help other schools bring glory to God through this educational process. They have helped us develop an implementation plan going forward.

Please pray for students and teachers as they navigate through  many ideas and plans to bring all of this transformational thinking to PCS.