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Why Are We Changing?

April 20, 2017
By Dr. P. Ogborne

As the Maple Leafs vie for the Stanley Cup, we fully understand that they and the NHL have recognized that player development has radically changed since the days of Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr. New equipment, training practices and nutritional awareness has changed the face of hockey.

Today, educators face the same need to change. Advanced teaching methods, classroom design, creative skills and computer usage are promoted in order to give students the skills for a future rapidly approaching. Unfortunately, there seems to be much talk but little core value change in many schools.

Many years ago, PCS faced the challenge of updating our reading program. Foundations and Frameworks became the system by which we could deliver a premium, modern approach to understanding the written word. It quickly became part of our DNA and now permeates our reading program.

Real change is necessary when the old methods simply do not meet the requirements for today’s needs.

At PCS, we have been in constant review of our programs as we have observed the educational landscape evaluating itself and producing new key words, such as “21st century learning” or “project- based learning” or “brain- based learning”. We realized that the classroom of today still replicates the classroom of the past 40 years, but the skills needed are much different.

Pause here and watch this short video titled “I Sued the Public School

At PCS, we truly believe that God has directed our paths into the Profound Learning system (PL).  PL was birthed in a Christian school over 20 years ago. Masters Academy of Calgary AB has been on the cutting edge of bringing a methodology to the forefront that will move schools into the needed change for the next generations of students. (View WEBSITE)

We are pleased to announce that starting in the fall of 2017, PCS will become an officially licensed Profound Learning school. Through the summer, the staff will be taking 4 days of intense training, in order to be prepared to incorporate many of the unique ideas focused on updating the way we deliver the curriculum to all students. Initially, this will be a slow roll out as we target certain grades and subjects. The earliest change that parents might notice will be the class environment. The rooms will reflect the learning zones of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication.

Watch for part two of this discussion, titled “What is Changing?” in the coming weeks.  It will give more specific details on our journey over the coming months.