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Weighing the Cost

March 03, 2017
By Mr Dave Park

Director of Development – Pickering Christian School

During a recent discussion about Christian schooling, the topic shifted to the cost of sending children to a Christian school.  With parents at PCS currently looking at recommitment for the next school year and many other parents considering Christian school for the first time, I thought I would share my personal perspective on weighing the cost of making the decision for Christian education.

Like many decisions in life, we begin by looking at the impact or cost.  Buying a new home or car, a family vacation or a large purchase of some sort ultimately sees us focus on the financial cost.  Many times I feel that when it comes to the discussion of Christian education, we do the same thing.  The financial cost ends up being the determining factor.  I understand that.  It is a big commitment.  But I challenge you to consider, as my wife and I found ourselves doing with our children, another cost that is at least equally, but in our opinion, more important - the spiritual cost.

As a parent, and as well as a Christian school educator, Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go…”, has been a key verse for me.  I believe that when it comes to weighing the cost of affording Christian education, it is so much more than just the financial cost.  I have to consider what kind of impact or cost will it have on my children’s spiritual lives.  My children have been “trained in the way they should go” built upon God’s foundational truths.  This would not have been possible in the public school system where God has been taken out of the equation.  Considering how impressionable children are and the importance of having the biblical foundations of their lives influenced on a daily basis, Christian education was a key decision for our family.

When my wife and I had the conversation about “How can we afford Christian school for our kids?” the truth was “How can we afford not to? The cost if we don’t is too high.”

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