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Special Ed


The future never looked brighter for the Learning Disabled

“Building a Whole New Brain”

Imagine your child is able to function without the need of special education assistance.  No more program accommodations!  Picture your child able to focus and understand the instructions from the teacher along with the other students in the class.  How wonderful would that be? 

At PCS, we understand the huge commitment it takes to try to improve your child’s chances for success – and often how disappointing the results can be.  Hours spent at home every night working beside your Learning Disabled child trying to help them perform the required school assignments is exhausting – physically and emotionally. 

But we have great news.  We’re excited to be able to offer an outstanding program for your child that can change everything.  This program is called “The Arrowsmith Program®”

What is “Arrowsmith”?

Who has used the Arrowsmith program?  The Toronto District Catholic School Board currently has implemented the Arrowsmith program in seven of their elementary schools.  They have followed the program’s results carefully, and made the following statement in a published study completed in 2007:  “The study strongly supports the Arrowsmith program.  The Arrowsmith program has changed the developmental course of the majority of children in this study.” 

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school directly at 905-427-3120.

Enrollment is limited

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