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Health and Safety Protocols

Health and Safety Protocols

To help keep the school and classrooms as safe as possible, we really need every family to commit to be diligent with your screening.  This Screening needs to be completed online before arriving at school.  

If your child has any symptoms, please do not send your child to school and follow proper protocols see sheets below. (5-10 days of quarantine for the student, and any siblings with a period of 24 hours symptom free once quarantine is complete).  If a child develops symptoms while at school, you will be contacted and asked to come pick up your child, and siblings to bring them home, at which time the quarantine protocol kicks in again.

Extra precautions will be put in place here at the school to enhance our healthy and safety protocols.  As mentioned earlier, HEPA filters have been purchased and are now installed in all classroom spaces. Students will be asked to be diligent with their masking while on school premises, and we will also be breaking up our recess cohorts to minimize the number of students out at one time.

Daily Health Checks

Covid-19 Public Health Guidance Return to School

Covid-19 Public Health Guidance-Symptoms Developed at School