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Christmas gift giving ideas!

If you would like to place a Vista Order for Christmas, the two order dates are Monday, November 16th and Monday, December 7th.  Please download the Vista Order Form, fill out and send into the office with payment first thing Monday morning by the dates above.

More Information About Vista
Vista's V.I.P. (Voucher Incentive Program) is an innovative fundraiser that harnesses the buying power of an organization's supporters to raise funds effortlessly. Vista has negotiated with major retailers to make volume purchases of gift certificates. Because of the volume purchased from these retailers, a rebate is paid to Vista.

Pickering Christian School can earn revenue by having its supporters purchase these gift certificates at face value from Vista and use them for their everyday household purchases instead of cash. Groceries, gas, entertainment and clothing can all be purchased with gift certificates!  PCS receives a rebate from Vista on every dollar spent.

Example of how your purchases can earn revenue for Pickering Christian School:

If one family spends approximately $125.00 per week on groceries, gas, gifts, etc., this would give PCS a $200.00 annual gift per family (based on average rebates). 70 Families x $200 = $14,000.00/year!!!

If you would like more information on the Vista Program, please read the Vista Introduction Newsletter.

VISTA Introduction Newsletter

VISTA Order Form

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