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COVID-19 Parent Alert

April 3rd, 2020 - Update to COVID-19 Parent Alert

Dear Parents;

In accordance with the announcement made on Tuesday March 31st, 2020, by Premier Doug Ford, Pickering Christian School will be extending the building closure until May 4th, 2020.  The Administration and Staff have undertaken the steps needed to implement an extension of learning for all PCS students by establishing Emergency Remote Learning processes. If you have any concerns or questions in regard to the steps taken, please follow our Communication protocol, by contacting the Administration.  We continue to pray for all of our students and their families. Please continue to be in prayer for the staff during this tumultuous time.

Dr. Paul Ogborne



Friday March 13th, 2020

Dear Parents,

Given the recent announcement from the Ministry of Education to close all public schools from March 14 – April 5, 2020,  Pickering Christian School has made the decision to also close our school for those dates. 

This allows for anyone who has travel booked for the 1st week of March Break (March 14 - March 22nd) to then self-quarantine for the additional time-frame of 14 days before returning to school on Monday April 6th.  In our case here at PCS, we will adopt the same time frame, returning to school on Monday April 6th.  For any of our families or staff who have travel plans for outside of Canada during the 2nd week of March Break (March 23rd - March 29th) we are asking that you extend  your personal quarantine 14 days beyond your return date.

As a school, we would like to inform/ask the following:

  1. If you are traveling outside of Canada during the March Break, please send us a note indicating where you are traveling to and what your travel dates are.  We would ask that you not return to school until after a 14 day self-quarantine period has elapsed from your date of return.
  2. During the time frames of March 30 to April 5th, teachers have been asked to provide some content for students to engage with during the planned additional week of closure.  
  3. For families/students extending their quarantine time-frame beyond April 6th (April 6th to April 13th), Staff will provide additional content so that students will not fall behind.
  4. All rentals of the school facility have been canceled for the 3 week period of March 14th to April 5th.  Additional deep cleaning of the facility will be undertaken during this time.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration as we continue to support your children and their learning.  Please be in prayer for this unprecedented event.


Dr. Paul Ogborne


School Closure