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NEW - Cell Phone/Personal Devices Policy

In follow-up to my “Home Invasion” articles, I am introducing a new Cell Phone/Personal Devices Policy that will go into effect and will be enforced as of today.

I have been made aware of incidents on site of students taking pictures in the washroom, texting other students in other schools, general unfiltered internet usage because of data plans, and texting other PCS students that result in misunderstood attitudes.

I trust you understand that if I don’t curtail this now, then the school is making itself vulnerable to the type of invasion that can lead to students being drawn into inappropriate activity.

Yours in His Service,

Dr. P.D. Ogborne




1)  While on school property (including Before and After School Club), students will not be in possession of a cell phone/personal devices (incl. cameras & games systems) unless pre-approved by the administration.

2)  If a parent wants their child to have a cell phone/personal device for the purposes of communication/safety as they walk/bus to school, then the student must drop off the device at the office upon arrival in the morning, and pick it up after school.

3)  All parent/student communication while on school property needs to go through the office, not on personal devices.

4)  If a student is found to have an unapproved device at school, it will be removed and placed in the office. Upon the devices removal the school will contact the parents and arrange for them to pick it up.

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