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My Two Weeks as a Pylon!

September 21, 2017
By Dr. P. Ogborne

As I look back at the first two weeks of school, I am truly thankful for the parents who have braved the gauntlet of the PCS drop off and pick up maze. Breaking habits that some of you have done for years is not easy. I understand and appreciate your patience and smiles … even if sometimes they were a bit forced. Rightly so! In our attempt to make it easier and faster for you, we have adjusted the cones numerous times trying to find the right angles, length and safety to make it all work. Faithfully, you have followed our lead.

With my vest on, and acting as a human pylon, I have waved you around the traffic circle, guided your pulling out, dodged the backpacks falling out of the vans, and picked up numerous crushed pylons that were evident of how hard it is to control traffic.

However, it’s all looking up!

Our line painter has been booked and our hope is that you will soon be able to follow the lines for an effective and speedy drop off and pick up. I’ll still be doing my regular shift with my vest on as I enjoy seeing and waving to all of you as we continue to work together.

I know we affectionately called the traffic pinch points “Grace Corners” and “Mercy Way”, but as a daily observant pylon, I did see these characteristics in action.

Thank you